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A Collaboration and Passing of a Torch

In Utah in 2016, Kathryn met Alice McCary of ShineOutQuilting and was introduced to her amazing five-pointed star quilts.

Alice tells the story of her quilt design's invention:
One day my infant grandson was napping on his crocheted, star-shaped blanket. I was moved by this star, a symbol of hope, a source of light, holding this tiny, pure, uncorrupted new life. I smiled at the idea that this little spark is just beginning to write his story. He’s just beginning to ignite into exactly who he is meant to be. And I thought: "Everyone ought to have a star shaped blanket as a symbol of their story and reminder of their unique, authentic, whole, one-of-a-kind sparkle.”

After successfully bringing the ruler to market and establishing a pattern business, Alice now hopes to focus just on playing with new designs and possibilities. From this spark of an idea - and with years of experimentation - Alice created the specialty ruler and patterns and to make "true" five-pointed star quilts. 

Sharing the "true star" quilt concept with us at Fabric At Work, led Kathryn to see even more design possibilities and fostered the desire to keep growing this creative endeavor.

We're working on new rulers and patterns this spring - check back often, or sign up for our updates