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Henry Glass Desire to Inspire Challenge 2016

Each month Henry Glass Fabrics selects one of their new fabric lines and puts out a call for a challenger. Loving the Clean Living line, Victoria (a mid-century modern aficionado) responded with her portfolio and was selected!

Ideas were everywhere...

those wonderful "spiky" clocks by George Nelson,

this love seat from IKEA...

Which lead to..

a patchwork pinwheel clock?

a modern hexagon stack?

The bundle of fabrics arrived from Henry Glass and I had a wonderful Community Theatre friend stage the grand opening.

A really nice package in the mail.

With fabrics now in hand, I got down to the designing and decided to incorporate a more spiky clock and my vintage San Ignacio Stock Pot (which is actually from the 60's-70's) that reminded me of the enamelware of the period.

I love this pot - and it goes with nothing else in my house.

Spiky clock and enamelware. A 50's dream kitchen

A good starting point.

Next came the prototypes:

A mix of Cotton and Steel and a stash "mystery" fabric.

The center needs work, but I like the concept.

Moda's Holly's Tree Farm.

Better center and I like the circle of red.

This is going to become a tree skirt.

A few tweaks, "quilty math," and mustering the courage to cut into my "not-yet-in-stores" Henry Glass fabrics, and some snow-induced stay-home-and-sew days...and I had a flimsy ready for Kristy to quilt.

Pinned over my kitchen door (and no, my kitchen counter is never this uncluttered).

With PhotoShopped hour and minute hands (which will be added after quilting).


Update 1: Henry Glass put a nice "completed" post on their blog.

Update 2:
A friend commented how nice the quilt looked in my kitchen, but I pointed out that I couldn't keep it covering my french door, and the only other place with wall space is above the french like any good quilt maker...

Henry Glass Quilt Runner